Booking A Photographer Doesn't Have to be a Drag

Booking a photographer demands too much time and money, so it becomes kind of a drag. 

Photography is one of a billion things you have to take care of to bring your special day together. After hearing hundreds of “nightmare” stories from people who spent too much and waited too long for photos, I’ve made it my mission to make booking a wedding photographer easy and stress free. 

I’ve designed my business around three critical factors to make your life easier:

1. Reducing your planning time and my delivery time

2. Reducing your costs

3. Making sure you don’t miss out on amazing, specialized photography

In order to solve your problems so that you get awesome photos, don’t break the bank, and don’t waste your time, I’ve made a process that is painless and efficient 

...and you get your photos in your inbox in ONE WEEK.

I’ve built my business on the ideas above. After being in this industry for the past decade, I’ve learned a lot (through trial and error, mostly error) about how the photography world is perceived on the outside.

As expected, people on the outside also recognize the over saturation of the photography market, because if they hop on Facebook, at least one of their friends have a “Photography Page”. Which is why, I think, the professionalism of the photography world comes under scrutiny quite frequently.

And I think that’s because we have wrongly made photography more about us (the photographers) rather than you, the ones we are taking photos of in the first place.

One of my pet peeves is when artists or photographers post a reminder online to all to give money or credit to artists because they need money to keep making work or doing what they do. I believe that’s totally backwards: We need to quit beating you guys (the customer or client) over the head that we need to be paid a lot so we can continue to exist. If a photographer can’t afford to be a photographer or an artist can’t afford to paint, that isn’t your fault. It’s not your job to keep me in business, it’s my job to conduct good business.

Certainly, I need to be paid money to live, that said, it’s hard to make money treating anyone like the enemy, especially the ones you are seeking payment from.

Photography is not the moment. It’s not the thing you’re wanting to spend your entire wedding or event budget on. It’s the thing that is meant to record the things you really put time and effort into. It’s meant to document the spotlight, not be in the spotlight.

That said, I don’t want to undercut the time and work it takes to shoot a wedding, and every dime I get from that work is very much appreciated. It is my mission, though, to give you great photos for a reasonable price with minimal effort on your part other than enjoying the wedding or event while I go to work.

We live in a world where almost anyone can take great photos, so the barriers are coming down. I don’t believe the average person wants to shoot and edit the sheer volume of photos you have to take during a wedding (especially since there’s so much required of you on a wedding day already), because, like I said, it’s a lot of work. But in 2019, it’s not so much work that I have to take eight months to get someone’s photos back to them. This is why I promise to get your photos back to you in a week after the wedding.

That’s my mission.

If you’re interested in specialized photography for a reasonable price for your special day, you can follow this link to get wedding photography checked off your to-do list.