What Happens When The Day Doesn't Go To Plan?


In my first entry of this "How to Hire a Wedding Photographer" email series, I attached this photo above. Let me tell you the story behind it!

This was from Austin and Kat's night wedding in December 2018. At this point, I don't think I've ever had a photoshoot on a rainier day. We were all hoping to do some cool night photography out in the field next to the church, but it was just too wet and muddy outside. I'm talking CONSTANT torrential rain. 

Not only that, but let's just say that the lighting in most of the building was "difficult". 

Our situation didn't lend to the Instagram-y, Pinterest-y look, and honestly, most weddings don't, and THAT'S OK.

We don't want all of our wedding photos to look the same as most of the wedding photos we see on social media every day, because that would just be boring.

To solve our problem, we used one of the rooms in the church and completely turned the lights out. Kat and Austin patiently sat still on a bench that we found in a corner of the classroom. (But seriously, they were incredibly chill about the whole thing. We had a good time.) Anna (my wife/photo assistant) gave them this umbrella and we then wrapped them in Christmas lights. I did some double-exposure camera stuff and the bride and groom posed LIKE IT WAS THEIR JOB.

The room was just a classroom with fluorescent lights, void of anything photogenic. It was raining outside, so we used the tools we had at our disposal as props to create Christmas-y and fun photos of two people who were super jazzed to have just gotten married. (Once again, Kat and Austin did a great job helping me put these images together, couldn't have done it without their enthusiasm and patience!)

In the end, we ended up using the rain too! They stared at each other under the church awning, and I put my flash behind them out in the rain. (My flash survived the downpour, fortunately) The rain ended up being pretty awesome for the wedding photos after all! (And my models were able to stay dry!)

As the photographer, it's my job not to fall victim to the elements that work against me, but rather, be in control no matter what the lighting/venue situation may be. 

Maybe you saved money by picking a simpler venue, maybe it ended up being rainy, maybe the power goes out (hopefully this one is pretty rare). Things sometimes don't go to plan or you're just not able to fly everyone out for an Icelandic wedding with a waterfall in the background.

It's also up to me to stay "creatively athletic" in my off time, always exercising the ability to use anything and everything to make a beautiful image that creatively pushes the envelope no matter the circumstances.  

At the end of the day, you're not just looking to save money, you're not just looking to get your photos quicklyyou're looking for memorable work that creatively conveys the greatest day of your life. 

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