Robert Schoolfield's Special Delivery, Now Showing at MoMA (Part 2)


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NYC was super productive probably the best place for Robert’s art so far on the trip. He left numerous pieces all over the city, and even got one into a gallery on the Lower East Side.

He made a series of pieces on cardboard specifically for this Special Delivery series, it was pretty fun to leave these around.

Robert was a fan of this wall.

So he left a painting next to it.

Next to the MoMA design store in SoHo

Next to the MoMA design store in SoHo


At one point as we were traveling uptown, Robert and I got separated on the subway. I had got off but right as he was about to go out the door he dropped one of his pieces and then the door shut.

Robert’s first subway experience got a little stressful…

I managed to snap a photo of the moment he got trapped on the train.


WMP_6745 copy.jpg

We eventually met back up and he decided to leave a piece of art at a more well known spot.

WMP_6760 copy.jpg

People walking by seemed to enjoy Robert’s exhibit, showing at the MoMA that day.

Stay tuned for one more photo essay during my leg of the trip, which has ended (I’m typing this post from the Chicago Airport, about to head back home) Good luck on the rest of the trip Robert!!! Go follow him on Instagram, as well as the photographer who is replacing me, Jet Smyth.

Also, me and Robert recorded a podcast episode about the trip, so make sure and go listen to that! (And subscribe on whatever podcast app you use!)

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