I Didn't See Any Art In Your Museum So I Brought You Some: Special Delivery Part 3

If you missed the other 2 photo essays, go check them out before reading through this one!

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The final entry to my Robert Schoolfield saga because my time with him was limited. Go follow him and Jet to keep up with the rest of his trip. (They were in Vegas last time I checked)

There was about a day and a half stretch where we did nothing interesting other than drive through Pennsylvania and Ohio from NYC in order to get to Chicago. We were just sitting around chilling after a long day of driving, and I decided to use the eerie hotel room light to get some weird portraits. These photos really capture the energy of our travel fatigue.

Eventually, we finally made it to Chicago.

….and it was cold.

It really does feel like Gotham City. It’s weird to have never been to a city, but you’ve seen so many movies set there that you feel like you’ve been there before. It’s a weird kind of deja vu; I felt the same after my first ever visit to NYC. It felt like a place I’d been 100 times, despite never being there before.

Shot a bunch of double exposures on this leg of the trip, just because the light was good. I have a Sunrise/Sunset series I’ve been working on for a couple years, and I’m gonna add this one to the set. I’ll eventually offer them for sale on my print shop or have a gallery show at some point.

But I digress. We didn’t walk around as much here because we’re southerners, and it was too cold for us. We were already pretty wind burnt from New York City, so the weather wasn’t super appealing to us.

You know what else wasn’t super appealing? We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art near our hotel, and Robert joked that he didn’t see any art there.


So he wrote on his painting “I Didn’t See Any Artwork At Your Museum So I Brought You Some.”

And so he brought them some.

A few people have asked about the decision process for determining where to leave art: it just had to feel right. I pushed Robert on his reasons for leaving artwork in certain areas, but after a few days, I understood what he was looking for. Once we were out there walking around, a reason or place tended to present itself, and if it didn’t, we’d move on to the next place. By the end of my week with him, I look back and realize how satisfying some of the locations were, as well as some of the responses. Again, go follow Robert on Instagram for the rest of the journey.


Stay tuned for more on this trip. We shot some footage, and he continues to shoot footage of the rest of his trip that we’re going to build into a sort of short film/documentary about him and his work. It was a fun trip, and I’m pumped to be part of this. It’s one of those photo jobs that you can’t really seek out, you just have to go along with it and just see what happens.