The Friday Project Part 1

Photo I shot after my last college class circa 2014

Photo I shot after my last college class circa 2014

Back when I was in college, somehow, I avoided having class on Friday for almost my entire college career. It was a day of refreshment, and often my favorite day because all my friends would be busy in class and I would be left to my own ideas. My peaceful wandering on Fridays in college ended up being my most productive days because I just had SPACE TO THINK.

Now, having entire Fridays to wander sounds about as real as Bigfoot or the fact that Sam Elliot killed Hitler and then finally took care of the hairy primate of legend years later.

I have some drone edits to take care of today, but I’m carving out the afternoon to play around. Last Saturday, I burned through a bunch of Instax film, and I’ll probably do the same today as well as film my second entry in my April Stop Motion Short Challenge.

How do these move the ball forward in my business?

I try not to think this way anymore, because time and time again, I’m shown that everything I invest in photography ends up benefitting me and playing out in a beneficial way. When I’m just running around in chaos with all the noise of busy-ness in my head, my work quality seriously decreases. I almost never get my best ideas on a busy day, it’s always after a day or two of relaxation. Always.

I have proven this too: the days where I was slammed with work coincided with my worst photos of my 365 project. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy more than I love relaxing, but I just have to stop trying to make creativity happen in total, stressful chaos, because it almost never works.

This is easier said than done too. I’ve recently jumped into this whole freelance thing, so almost every moment of my life is full of worrying about where money is gonna come from. I just have to back off in faith that I’m gonna be more clear-headed when I get back to business (which I always am afterwards). Sitting around stressed out only wastes my time, and I’m tired of wasting my time by worrying about wasting time.

So what’s going on here? For this Part 1 post, I’m gonna attach a photo essay of my Instax photos from last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I don’t have internet at the house, so posting work only comes once a day at a coffee shop. I’ll post Part 2 with whatever I create today, tomorrow.

Last week, I got an Instax Mini 90 (which has a double exposure feature), and I started messing around with it. I was kind of warming up to it, seeing what it could do, so the ideas are starting to flow.


Instax tends to be a cheaper alternative, but in order to get the camera I wanted I had to shell out a bit more than the basic model. I overcame the urge to get the Leica Sofort, which is basically a Mini 90 with a Leica logo that’s 2 or 3 times the price just for the brand. I eventually want a Mint Instaflex, but that’s a steep price tag as well. My wife will get to sleep peacefully for a little while knowing that I actually got the cheapest of my options this time around. (For now……)

I hadn’t shot black and white instant film in a while so I just went ham with some abstract double exposure stuff, especially since the only model I had at the moment was Kevin, my miniature dachshund.


My favorite models.

I decided to bail on spending forever getting the dust off this one. Guess it’s time to clean the scanner…..

That Anderson, SC nightlife on film.

Speaking of Anderson nightlife, here’s Greg grilling some turkey burgers for our weekly Billions viewing.

This tulip looks like fire.

Stay tuned tomorrow for whatever I come up with this afternoon….I don’t even know what it will be.