The Friday Project Part 2: Wednesday Edition

Well, guess I blew that one! Said I’d post this on Saturday, and well…it’s Wednesday. Missed it by that much.

That said, I did mess around a little bit and make something during my Friday afternoon: The second stop motion video of my April Stop Motion Video Challenge. I’ve been in awe of the spring weather, so I went outside and shot a weird little stop-motion video of it all:

Not only that, but I’ve been shooting a bunch of Instax lately:


Also, it’s my birthday. Here’s a retrospective of my photography career over the past 10 years that I wrote a few weeks ago.

My journey as a photographer started on my 17th birthday, and I’ve never looked back. Photography and all things related to it is still about the only thing I’ve been totally obsessed with over the past decade. I’ve never found any other medium I’ve connected with to such an extent, and I’m even more passionate about it with each passing day.

Moving to South Carolina really represents a step in a new, challenging direction. I’m really pushing and challenging myself to take my photography career to the next level, but more importantly, I’m working tirelessly to make better work than ever. That’s what it’s all about: Making a living with photography is nice, but more than anything I want to make the best work I can possibly make. The best is yet to come.

BTW Last week’s episode of the podcast was weak due to me running around all over the place for work. This week, I’m going to rectify that by starting a 2 or 3 episode podcast series about “endings”. We are living in a unique year where long-term series’ are ending, such as The Avengers, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars, just to name some major ones. I don’t want this to only be about movies, but rather the art of “ending” something. It’s something I’ve struggled with with my long-term photo projects like the 365. Endings feel somewhat unnatural, and they are difficult to pull off. One could argue that very few people are even capable of ending something well.

It’s a topic I’m into and I think it would be cool to have a “series” of podcast episodes. Excited to see what comes of it.