Facebook has turned us all into computer resellers

Springtime double exposure this week in downtown Greenville

Springtime double exposure this week in downtown Greenville


I created some new Instagram accounts this week -every 26 year old in 2019

I finally got around to making an Instagram account for the podcast and my new drone venture. 

And listen, I know that it’s just what you do, I get it, but I’ve really grown more and more skeptical of the whole “investing all my time and marketing attention to Instagram and Facebook which are both owned by one single corporation that controls most information” thing. 

Like really, I’m expected to put my whole business on the back of one big company? It’s like Facebook turned all of us self-employed business owners into those Apple Store resellers: A significant portion of our businesses are fully reliant on one major company’s success. Remember the computer company Gateway? (Their branding was cow-related for some reason) I remember going to a Gateway reseller store with my dad when we lived in Montgomery, AL when I was around 10 so he could get his 2,000 lb laptop serviced (and yes, of course it was fully loaded with Windows 2000, the pinnacle of desktop OS. I also had a Windows 98 Gateway desktop that we had to install a wifi card into when wifi became a thing). Weirdly enough, I don’t think that Gateway reseller is still around anymore. Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve spent time in Montgomery. 

UPDATE Just discovered that Gateway is still a brand that exists (more or less). They were bought by Acer, it turns out. That’s the kind of thorough analysis you get on willmalone.com. Sorry for giving you a hard time, Gateway.

Seriously though, I know it’s important, I just wake up imagining a scenario where Facebook and all related services go down, but this time, for, like, ever. What am I gonna do with my photo business then? 

another unrelated spring photo from the other day

another unrelated spring photo from the other day

Me, personally, I’ll just be out there shooting photos or something else weird and maybe actually hang them on my wall instead of posting them on some finite, internet wall. I’ll just be over here typing blog posts like some sort of old man talking about how email is coming back as the next big marketing frontier. Let’s be real, you’ll know where to find me. (literally here. doing this.)

I don’t really have anything huge to say about how I feel about this information monopoly that we’re living through other than I’m preparing my internet bunker for when things get crazy. You could say that when it comes to my photography business, I’m some sort of “digital prepper”. (sign up for my newsletter!)

Chances are though, things won’t get crazy and all of this will stay the same. The only thing I really see changing is that our no-cost reach on these platforms will almost totally diminish and in order to be seen you’ll just have to pay. It’s basically happening now, I’m pretty sure I’ve been shadow-banned since last year, but when I pay for ads my problems go away.

But seriously, all the numbers are fake, it’s all bots. Nobody is actually viewing your video that many times and the analytics of social media are all just a scam to keep us hooked. (this isn’t a conspiracy by the way, it’s totally been proven) If you cleaned out all the spam bots that follow me on Instagram, my true follower count would probably end up being like 300 or 400 real people MAYBE. Facebook also inflates video view counts so they could be competitive with Youtube. It’s all just a tool that feels like it’s working, yet it’s really mostly just a huge waste of time.

Ok. Rant over. I like social media, and I love oversharing my life on it. I have just gotten more and more defensive of my time and keep becoming increasingly aware of how much time I’ve spent on social media that felt productive, but was 80% not productive. It’s important, but not as important as we feel like it is.

The Drone Studio RedBlack.jpg


Finally! I’ve come up with a clever use of a domain name! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. 

I’ve still got a lot to tweak, but for the first time since I made a site where I reviewed movies from the bargain bin that I would blindly grab and just have to watch (Pretty sure this is how I saw one of my favorite movies for the first time, Face Off), I’ve finally made a new site/brand other than my flagship willmalone.com .

Anyway, I don’t want to spend too much time plugging myself, hopefully the site tells you enough about what it is, although, it’s still a work in progress. 

Avengers Endgame

“Will, why don’t you just blog like a regular photographer? Why can’t you just do a shoot, then post the photos and free us from your insane thoughts and interests all the time? I’m here for the photography related chit chat, not Avengers or other pop culture related things!!!”

“Well, voice in my head that always argues with me, (this is me now talking if you were wondering) I’m not capable of such a thing. I’m addicted to oversharing. Wait, I thought willmalone.com was a safe space for all people named Will Malone! Get off my back, voice!”  

Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, I have finally acquired tickets to the biggest movie event of the past decade. I may have also bought tickets to see it two days in a row, which I bragged about on Instagram only to find out that my step-brother, Mark bought tickets for like 3 or 4 showings on opening weekend. Apparently, I’m not that much of a nerd after all.

I’ve talked a little about my thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe on my podcast before, and how it is basically this generation’s Star Wars (Star Wars is dying a slow death. Don’t @ me. Seriously though, did you remember a Star Wars movie is coming out later this year? Me neither.). The MCU will 100% get out of hand after Endgame because Disney will beat it to death (and owns every IP we know and love now), but as it stands now, it is probably one of the greatest cinematic achievements ever. The idea of the same actors, storylines, and characters playing out over 11 years is an insane concept. What’s even crazier, is that these movies do not care about holding the audiences hand, yet they still make a ton of money. If anything, they have proven that audiences can handle long, drawn out, and sometimes confusing storylines, and still enjoy these movies. You could argue Infinity War is more a series of clips and set pieces and not really a movie because it successfully juggles 30 different character arcs. Infinity War literally begins from the end of a post-credit scene of Thor: Ragnorak. If you didn’t hang out in the theater to watch after the credits of the latest Thor, you probably didn’t get where and what was going on for the first 20 min of that film. 

Endgame, however, focuses on the original 6 Avengers, and will be 3 hours long (won’t be long enough in my opinion), so I feel like it will be the perfect ending to a series that started when I WAS 16. 

Also, Tony Stark is the man and the best character. Get out of here Captain America fans. 

Instant film + Links of the week

For my birthday Anna gave me (Kinda, I more bought it for myself because I’m impatient and just deemed it my birthday gift from her. yes I’m a great husband why do you ask) a Fujifilm Neo Classic Instax Mini 90 (Fujifilm, you gotta cool it with your product names) instant film camera. I’ve been a big polaroid fan for a while, but my wallet hasn’t been, I’ve been really interested in the cheaper way to shoot instant. I’ve had one of those bubbly, schoolgirl instax cameras, but I can’t in good conscious go out in public with that  hideous thing. The Mini 90’s retro look is much more attractive and it has a much better build quality. The real reason I want it though? It can shoot double exposures. 

I’ve had a Polaroid Spectra, which is famous for being able to shoot double exposures, but unfortunately that wears it out over time and mine has totally crapped out. Also, the film is a pain to get and is really expensive compared to Instax mini film. For now, the ability to run into Target or Best Buy have the ability to buy instant film is pretty awesome. 

I’m sure I’ll be posting some of my instant film, so stay tuned. Gonna carry this thing around everywhere. 

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Austin Kleon’s new book titled Keep Going came out this week! I read it, and unsurprisingly is great. If you make stuff, I definitely recommend his trilogy Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going.

My favorite coffee shop, Grassroots Coffee, just announced that their coffee will now be in Publix all over the state of Georgia! I remember when they first opened and Anna and I used to hang out there a bunch when we started dating. We even had our wedding reception there.