24 Hours None The Richer


I finally did it.

I successfully completed a project I’ve been wanting to attempt for years now, and it went pretty well. It was brutal, I wanted to quit, and it became a logistical nightmare pretty quickly due to technical issues (2019 is the year for technological issues for Will Malone Photography though so it was expected).

What was the project? I titled it: Lucky Number Seven: A 24 Hour 365 Project.

Basically, I treated each hour as a day of a “365 Project”, so I shot a new photo or photos every hour for 24 hours straight. This was complicated because I did it during a 24 hour trip to Chattanooga where I had to take care of various tasks, so it got old pretty quick because hours would keep sneaking up on me. As soon as I completed editing a photo, the next one was due. Also, losing cell service in the mountains was an issue in getting these up every hour on the hour.

When I started doing 365 projects, I used Facebook to post a photo every day. It was a cool idea because Facebook’s feed was still chronological, and I had a lot of views. It was a pretty new platform and the format of the project worked well for it. This time around I used the format of “Stories” on Instagram and Facebook, where I knew that it would totally disappear after 24 hours. It worked pretty well too, except that it, anti-climactically, disappeared as soon as it was over. Which, I suppose was the whole point.

I’m working on re-editing some the photos and readying them to be posted here as a photo essay because I was forced to quickly edit them on my phone, which I was cool with some of the time, but I felt like I could do better work with my editing tools on my laptop. It’s not cheating, just a “re-mastering” of sorts.

Btw, Nikon’s Snapbridge app for the iPhone is terrible. It only worked sometimes, which made my job very difficult. (Because I didn’t bring my laptop) Blows me away that a huge camera company like Nikon can’t get their app software development up to par. My D850 would randomly refuse to connect to my phone for no reason at all. I try not to complain too much about it since phone connectivity with a DSLR is a luxury to me, but it really should be consistently functional at the least.

If you want to hear my voice talk about the project briefly, you can listen today’s podcast episode of Out of Focus, which you can find on any podcast app!

(Tomorrow is the long awaited Avengers Megacast episode of Out of Focus)

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