Chillin on a Cliff with Elijah and Liz

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A few weeks ago I went to Chattanooga, TN and met up with an old friend and his fiancé (who I hadn’t met yet), and we shot some engagement photos. We met up on Signal Point (a place I had never been despite living in Chatt for 8 years) on Signal Mountain, TN. Solid view (I think Signal Mountain has some of the best overlooks), and we beat the enormous rainstorm that was headed our way.


Will Malone Photography takes a very Pro-dog stance for all portraits shoots.


Elijah is also a photographer, (you can check out his excellent landscape photography here, buy a print from him!). so he and Liz pretty much just set me loose and let me do my thing. 


I’m so pumped for these two and the next chapter in their lives. They are headed to the Seattle area to go enjoy some northwestern nature and try something different. Elijah has always talked about living out west, so I’m glad they are taking the leap and just going for it. So awesome.  


I had a fun time hanging out with these two for a couple hours. Taking photos of Elijah and Liz was really an excuse for me to be able to catch up with them before they head later this summer. Excited for the wedding in a couple weeks!