The Face of Total Evil


Today has gone very different than planned.

I woke up early this morning for a photography-related day-trip (that I was excited to post, and was going to be the subject today's newsletter), but my plans were changed when I hit a deer with my car at around 5:30AM this morning.

...or rather, the deer hit me.

The deer attacked my truck, one could say.

I'm no stranger to deer in the road. I've lived in the south for 9 years now, and I'm usually on the look out. In fact, I've even hit a deer with my last sedan a couple years ago, which, as luck would have it, left nothing but a small dent on the hood.

This time, my poor truck wasn't so lucky.

I can't even count how many times I've navigated mountain roads in total darkness, and this time felt no different. I was caffeinated, banana'd, and at full alert.

No amount of alertness would save me this time.

As I drove down a peaceful road, there not a soul traveling.

Turns out, there was a soul. Waiting. Watching. Looking for a chance to exit this mortal coil, and maybe take another soul with him.

There I drive, listening to a podcast discussion on the dark legacy of Woodrow Wilson, as most early morning drivers are probably want to do.

Something jumps in front of the brightened beams of light out of my headlights, mad eyes, the likes of which I've never witnessed before. This beast wasn't simply looking to traverse to the other side of the road. This beast had a dark plan. The demonic agenda was on the face of this creature as he dove, diagonally, in the direction of my pickup.

Fortunately, I was going too fast. The heart of my Tacoma was intact, however, my right headlight and bumper, now packed with the hair of the beast were mangled beyond their made function.

I turned around to locate the psychotic animal, and it was never found.

As I made my way back home, trying to make my way on these long roads, my tire made a heinous sound as it rubbed against my mangled bumper.

The attack happened in an instant. Here I sit, wondering, was it simply a deer? A deer on the road is about as common as squirrels in trees, however, the beast that I witnessed had something much darker surrounding it, the aura of calculated evil. Could it be a vessel for the ghost of Woodrow Wilson, in order to take out modern non-believers? Or was it something...else?

All I know, is that it was the embodiment of evil, and I hope to never meet him again.

Will Malone