How to Shoot A Simple In-Camera Double Exposure


This past week I jumped back into shooting daily photos, this time under the hashtag #f8ofthe365 (The Fate of the 365). Basically, it’ll be a multi-media experience where I start playing with some bigger ideas. For Day 002, I thought it would be an interesting idea to make a 1 minute (for Instagram) tutorial on how to shoot an in-camera double exposure.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that double exposures are pretty common place around here, so I decided to record a video on how to do the simplest of this technique. (It’s also surprisingly hard to limit a tutorial down to a minute, I’ll probably make a longer version in the future with more complex techniques)


The simplest way to explain a double exposure is basically to lay your second image over the darkest parts of the first. Where your shadows are is where you’ll see your second image more clearly, so when you shoot your second image, think about how it will interact with the darkest parts of the first in order to make it artistically satisfying. Shooting this tutorial also got me thinking about an interesting project idea as well, so I may be diving into some more double exposure experimentation (that I’ll be sure to document).

Also, big thanks to my brother in law, Aaron for helping me out with this video. (Thanks for making me realize that Will Malone Photography needs a new cable TV Hawaiian detective dress code)

In the most recent Out of Focus Newsletter (which you should subscribe to), I discussed my thesis on how I will tackle tutorials (something I wasn’t really that interested in the past). Basically, I want to teach in a way that I would find interesting and able to enjoy myself, because it would feel dishonest to just show you the Youtube equivalent of a powerpoint slide how to do photography related things. (Again, you should subscribe to the Friday newsletter)


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