Out of Focus Podcast Episode 31: Duck Hunt with Tim Rountree

For Episode 31, Tim Rountree comes back to share his duck-hunting passion, talks about craft in hunting, and working for yourself. He's gonna take me on a hunt in Arkansas this coming winter so there will be an eventual follow up to this discussion while we are actually "out in the field". Despite this episode being about something that I am not predisposed to be interested in, I loved hearing Tim talk about all that goes into his process of duck hunting, it was super fascinating stuff.

Tim and I haven’t really known each other that long, but we’ve become fast friends since I moved to South Carolina. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with him, as well as collaborating with him on some business projects, such as the upcoming workshop we are hosting for willmalone.com’s sister site: The Drone Studio. It’s going to be a really fun workshop where we show realtors how to get the most out of their smartphones when shooting photos of their listings, as well as how to differentiate their brand through their listing images.

To find out more, click this link to The Drone Studio’s Workshop Page. (Sign up quick before all the spots are filled!)

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Had a great time with this episode, and I’m excited to get him back on later this year.

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