The iPhone 11 Pro and The Future of Photography

A few minutes ago I jumped into the live Apple Keynote about the iPhone 11, which I haven’t done in YEARS. I haven’t cared about a new iPhone since…I don’t know…maybe the iPhone 5 or something. In fact, I’ve been a year or two behind on iPhone generations for probably the past 5 years now. There just hasn’t been a reason to upgrade other than the performance slowing down and battery goading me to find a refurbished one on Ebay.

I believe a lot of the reason I haven’t really cared about new iPhone announcements is because my photography tastes changed to the point where the phone really didn’t give me what I wanted as a photographer. Not megapixels or power, but focal length.

Over the past 3 or 4 years, I consistently shoot with a wide angle lens on my camera, like, obsessively. I just love what a 16mm, or 20mm, or 10mm for that matter, gives me in photography. It’s a fun, immersive, satisfying focal length that’s great for feeling like you can just walk into a photo. Not only that, but I’ve really been into shooting super close up and portrait stuff with my wider 24mm lens (which almost never comes off my camera).

The new iPhone 11 Pro has 3 lenses: a “regular”, zoom, and finally, an ultra-wide 13mm lens. So, yeah, I’m upgrading. I’m excited about an iPhone for the first time in years, because it is finally giving me something I really really wanted. Not only that, but there’s all kinds of cool apps and editing possibilities that’ll be taking advantage of these 3 camera lenses.

Yesterday, on my real estate photography site, I wrote that I believe smartphones to be the future of photography. This really just proved it more (and adds validity to my Smartphone Photography Workshop for Realtors); between the night mode, lens switching, and more, this camera will no doubt begin to replace lower level photography. (Not to mention all those companies built around making wide angle lenses for iPhones)

To be honest, when I get one, I’m seriously considering offering a FREE wedding shoot so I can try out using ONLY an iPhone 11 for an entire wedding set. If you’re interested, hit me up. I honestly believe we are so close to being able to pull of full-on shoots with a phone, it’s crazy. (Of course, I have to acquire one first. Hopefully I can get it over the next couple months)

I’m excited to get my hands on one. It will probably be my go to “carry” camera from now on.