Why Will Malone Photography?


Over the past couple months, I’ve taken a step back to answer the question “Why does Will Malone Photography exist?”

Obviously, I knew the answer, since I have been out there on the front lines for the past decade, but I needed to be able to better communicate it to you.

Photography is a culmination of everything I love, see, hear, read, watch, experience, and believe. Whatever happens in front of my lens goes through the meat grinder of my brain, and my photography comes out.

(my brain is probably more like a monkey with an organ grinder than a meat grinder though TBH)

I’m not breaking any new ground with that definition of photography (I’m sure I stole it from somewhere), but as much as the less creatively inclined want to believe that photographers or artists are able that to spit out just about anything they want all the time, this is the reality of my craft. I see things how I see them, which means that I’m not right for every client or every photo-related task.

As much as I want to be of help to anyone who needs photos, there are some people that my work just won’t please, and that’s okay.

I like to document things. And by things, I mean every-things. I have my camera with me all the time, almost 24/7, always ready to go. I’m old fashioned in the sense that, while Instagram is an awesome way to share photos, I’m not really shooting with intent to post as much as simply and intent to highlight whatever is in front of my lens. I obviously get personal joy out of taking photos, but most of my joy comes from helping people by surprising them with a photo of themselves that didn’t know existed.

I have to be careful here because I’m getting dangerously close to the typical internet photographer’s bio “I don’t just take photos, I capture a moment in time” which is about as interesting as saying “I like to use cameras and use the camera’s buttons to take pictures of things and people standing in front of me”.

My podcast, Out of Focus, and my photography come from the same place: A desire to highlight interesting people and ideas.

This is why I’ve been journeying into new territory by going to new places to tell stories using my podcast and photography (and sometimes video). You’ve seen my 3-Part Photo Essay from earlier this year with Robert Schoolfield about his project Special Delivery (with a short film about said project to be coming later this year), and you’re going to see more interesting projects from interesting people in the future. (Seems I need to drop by the thesaurus bank and find some more “interesting” adjectives)

Ok wait, so why does Will Malone Photography exist again? (I’m famously long-winded, it’s easy for me to lose track)

Why on earth does Will Malone Photography exist when there’s a insert first and last name here Photography around every nook and cranny of this fair nation?

I want to live in a world where people are more comfortable just being themselves rather than being whatever they feel like they’re supposed to be. I want to live in a world where we can abandon the “same old things” and create something new. There are multiple ways and photography markets I want to do this in, and wedding photography being at the top of the list.

Why do we throw a bouquet? Why do we wear something blue or borrowed? Why do we interrupt the dancing and fun of a wedding to stop and take part in traditions that we simply feel we’re expected to do in a “normal” wedding?

We do all these things even if they don’t actually map to who we are as people or reflect what we enjoy in life.

There’s nothing wrong with those things (and some people are perfectly happy with a more traditional wedding!), but much like Daylight Savings Time, we are becoming more and more disconnected from why many of those traditions exist.

A marriage is a beginning of a new chapter, a new generation. Why can’t we make our own, new traditions?

Those are the weddings I want to shoot. I want to be the accomplice of people who dare to plan the wedding that they actually want and reflects who they are.

My job is to document and convey those stories, not aid in making them up. The world is a better, more interesting place when people lean into what makes them, them.

Looking to book in 2020? If you’re in need of a wedding photographer to document your special day, tell us about yourself, we love hearing from you!