You Can Pickens Your Friends, You Can Pickens Your Nose, But You Can't Pickens Your Friend's Nose


Pickens Nose. It’s still funny to hear that.

Last weekend, Anna and I went camping with friends to enjoy the glorious bliss of hanging out in the woods WITH NO CELL SERVICE. It’s been a while since I’ve been “unplugged” as the kids say (just kidding they don’t say that because most kids don’t know what that means).

Anyway, I realized how much my phone feels like this tumor on my body that I’ve just had to learn to live with. It’s basically given everyone a hellish sort of “open door policy” where, at any moment, your day can totally change shape depending on who decides to text or email or call or post a mean comment on social media. As much as we try to use modern stoicism or whatever self-help principles to protect our minds, the phone still has this crazy connection to us and can tap into our animal instincts.

This camping trip has me brainstorming about how I could possibly run my business without a phone or social media, but alas, I must continue to roam the earth carrying this burden for now. This could be why I suddenly don’t really want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro (I went and used one at the Apple Store and suddenly didn’t want it): I’m bitter and I don’t want to give a smartphone anymore of my time or money than it already has. It would be a real shame if it fell into a lake or something.

But I digress (lol, I never digress let’s be real). We hung out with our long-time friends and I just got to enjoy hiking in amazing weather and taking photos. It’s a reminder why I’m even taking photos for a living: I’m not in this in order to swim in some sort of Scrooge McDuck vault, but rather because I just love taking photos and it’s pretty much all I think about all the time.


Now I just long for my next phone-less trip with friends.