Eating Labor Day Away in Asheville

A day to observe and appreciate your labors by not laboring. It’s a nice concept. Not sure I’ve ever really had a memorable one, or really ever went out of my way to do anything special for this particular holiday.

This year, Anna and I actually made an effort to do something, like actually go somewhere and disconnect for a day and spend some time together. It wasn’t a flashy, Instagram-worthy trip in the way that going to weird cities can be (although I tried to make it Instagram-able nonetheless, but that’s because I’m unoriginal), but rather just a day to do whatever we felt like doing in the moment. We felt like eating and wandering around aimlessly like the somewhat tired zombies we are, and it was delightful.

I feel like there’s this immense pressure to not be boring, just due to the fact that we are to entertain our followers with our photogenic adventures. We should be less afraid of being boring, because sometimes, boring feels just right.

Make America Boring Again