My name is Will Malone, and, as I hope my branding has indicated by now, I’m a photographer. I got into photography back in high school while growing up in Kailua, a small town on the Windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. I moved to Chattanooga, TN in 2010 where I got deeper into photography via a project idea I found on Flickr called a “365 Project”. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a photo a day for a year. Now I’ve done six of them, in order to document, hone my skills, and play with new techniques. I’ve been in the photo industry for over a decade doing anything from school photography to commercial product photography to art reproduction to boutique photo printing. Now, I live in the Upstate, SC area where I run my wedding and portrait business.

Will Malone Photography is a high end portrait and wedding photography brand that specializes in cinematic documentary style photo journalism. The work here consists of elements that enhance the feeling of the wedding day using double exposure, dramatic lighting, or other techniques. Will’s photographs are vibrant, natural and there is no unnatural posing required. One of my greatest wedding day skills is wrangling family members for the family group photo after the ceremony.

I have a billion other interests: I watch a ton of movies (anything from weird indy films to Avengers), I read a bunch, I’m into trying to cook crazy things, and I’m always learning. I have a podcast called Out of Focus where I talk to other people who love their thing as much as I love photography.

I document my own life obsessively (as seen on my Instagram: @willmalone ), and I love documenting the lives of everyone else.

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I couldn’t do anything I do without my wife/bff, Anna, who is often a model for my Instagram photos, and co-host on our movie podcast. She’s the most patient and supportive person I’ve ever met, and I’m lucky to be married to her.

We have a miniature dachshund named Kevin Bacon Malone, who is a total goof. I don’t think we were ready for how much personality he had when we got him, but he’s brought us endless joy and laughs over the years.

If you’re interested in me shooting your special day or just portraits of your beautiful face, let me know! I’m good about getting back to you, so be prepared for an extremely quick response. I look forward to talking to you!!

Feel free to also contact me on Facebook or Instagram as well. I’m glued to my phone like most people so I’ll respond regardless of where I get your inquiry.

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