The Age Where Nothing Ever Ends

"It's time for the Jedi to end."

It's time for a lot of stuff to end, in fact, one could argue that Star Wars should end, but unfortunately, nothing will end until this earth is destroyed. 

"Woah, Will. Where is this coming from?"

X-files just got revived for 10 more episodes, Fast and Furious 8 just came out, and The Last (ha) Jedi trailer has played in front of our eyeballs. Meanwhile, Gilmore Girls, Full House, and Mystery Science Theater are all back into the fold. I'm about to go watch the season premiere of Fargo, a show based on the 90s Coen Brothers movie. 

The fact is, as long as there is money to be made, nothing you love (or anyone else also loves) will ever end. I just wrote about T2: Trainspotting, a sequel that came out 20 years after the first for absolutely no reason (even though it turned out to be an incredible movie). There also a Baywatch movie coming out soon as well as Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Transformers 5 (which I will not be fooled into seeing this time).

Even Breaking Bad, which I believe ended perfectly, hasn't truly ended; Better Call Saul is a prequel spinoff that hints at the post-Walter White future throughout. The spinoff is very good, but it does kind of bother me that the ending of Breaking Bad could at all be tainted. 

James Gunn claims that Guardians of the Galaxy will only have 3 entries and then it's done. Do we actually believe that? It's only a matter of time before a Harrison Ford of 2017-aged Chris Pratt comes out of space retirement when my kids are my age. 

We all enjoy these characters and franchises, but all they really are is business pawns. You get upset that your favorite indie director, Shane Black, made a soulless entry to the Iron Man series or Joss Whedon blew it with Avengers 2? All of these blockbusters and big fun action movies always end up being formulaic, because it works, and it makes money. These movies cease to be art, and they are simply a product to sell. 

But it's not just movies: Bands always reunite, a TV personality gets fired and they go off and use the internet to continue their career, and Brett Favre will always come out of retirement. 

We've reached a horrifying dimension of this in Rogue One when Grand Moff Tarkin was literally brought back from the dead via CGI. Is nothing sacred? You can't even end via death anymore. 

Weekly Update in Pictures

Since this is "Will Malone" dot com, I feel like every once in a while I should update what being "Will Malone" means. My only active hobbies right now (due to photography being work and work happening all the time) are watching movies and writing about movies (and sometimes not publishing what I write). 

I feel my current "365" or "vlog" right now is my #willstills2017 series running on my Instagram right now. It's a good way to do some fun photography while just living my life:

Here's the one day in weeks when Anna (my wife) and I could just chill and go on a date in the middle of the day.

My favorite brewery, OddStory, didn't have any seating left so we were forced to try another beer location, Hutton and Smith, which was actually quite good. 

Go ask Elijah Bankhead about his new shoe lifestyle and why we are all doing it wrong.

My mother is visiting for Easter and my birthday (which is tomorrow), and we have been having a nice time. She brought me my signed copy of Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, who she got to meet after winning a contest on the radio

As far as stuff I'm watching:

After ruminating over The Fate of the Furious, it's starting to sink lower on my FF list because of the soullessness of the film. Turns out Paul Walker really was the heart of this series, despite everyone thinking it was Vin Diesel this whole time. I'm beginning to be of the opinion that this series may has run its course. (Who knew that could happen after 8 films?)

I'm anti-binge watching right now, at least until I find something good to watch for hours at a time. The only good thing on TV right now is Better Call Saul, and later this week, Fargo will be my current favorite. I'm very excited for the Girls finale tonight (don't judge me) as well. I'm beginning to be a proponent of the old way of watching TV, AKA week by week, just because it's hard to get burnt out that way.

The local movie theaters have finally given me the birthday present I wanted this year, and no, they started serving beer a few months ago. One theater in my medium-sized city of Chattanooga is finally showing Trainspotting 2 or T2 Rise of the Machines or T2: Trainspotting. (Seriously though, what is with that title?) I've been waiting for this movie for a month now, and I finally get to see it in my favorite way: in the middle of the day, alone, while everyone else in the world is working. Can't wait. I will definitely share my thoughts afterward.

Other various thoughts:

I've joined the bluetooth headphone world finally, just like all those cool bros at the gym. I've been running a ton this year, which means that I've been knocking my wired headphone out of my ears for the past few months. I got some PowerBeats3 by The Doctor himself, Dre. Today's my off day for exercise, so I've only listened to podcasts with them, but it seems they will hang on my ears pretty well. Excited to get out there tomorrow with them.  

My sister has re-launched her Youtube channel by releasing a brand-new hair tutorial. Not sure what the Venn Diagram of readers of this blog and people who like hair tutorials looks like, but I filmed and edited her first video, so check it out and subscribe!

These kind of posts are fun for me because I can machine-gun topics and I don't have to commit to one thing for a whole post. I've got more I could probably list on here, but I'll save it for next week. Maybe I should just relaunch my newsletter with stuff like this.