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Why Will Malone Photography?


My wife and I had the wedding of our dreams. It was simple, small, and had all of our friends there. We had our reception in a coffee shop, had an open “coffee bar” for everyone to get what they wanted.

Our wedding cake was our favorite chocolate cake from a small town in South Georgia. The “groom’s cake” was my mom’s famous Reese’s cheesecake.

There wasn’t dancing or a big party, because that’s just not how we roll. We designed our wedding to be a nice time with our closest friends and family, chatting away in a coffee shop until the time slipped away and we had to get on a plane to our honeymoon. 

Our wedding wasn’t traditional by any means, but it was exactly the way we wanted it to be. 

That’s how I believe all weddings should be: actually designed specifically for the people getting married. Pieces of each of them should come together in one perfect event: Maybe you want to have a quick ceremony and then eat and party, maybe you want to chill in a coffee shop, or maybe you want to be in a beautiful field in the middle of nowhere. 


Based on True Events


You won’t see us re-creating moments to make them “more perfect” or faking things.

Everything we capture is 100% real and authentic to the colorful, striking people that we are photographing. We believe the real images are the ones you’ll remember forever and ever.


There’s no need to feel chained by the “normal” wedding traditions, or whatever Instagram or Pinterest is telling you to do. Each and every person has their own interests and experiences that make them who they are. 

All of Will Malone Photography’s clients have their own interesting stories that make them who they are, and we are here to capture them. 


He was professional, he went above and beyond in every aspect, and most importantly, Will’s pictures were amazing; the quality, authenticity, the editing, the uniqueness, the angles, the creativity. He definitely has an eye for capturing emotion.
— Lindsey Cisco
Will has photographed my husband and I several times! We have always had wonderful experiences - he is professional, helped us find poses that would look natural and carefree. He captured special moments and looks that we didn’t expect. We were always made to feel comfortable, and he really listened to what we wanted. I highly recommend his photography services for any event or occasion.
— Waverly Krystaponis
This guy!! Will photographed my wedding last year and the photography was honestly the LEAST stressful part of my wedding because of him! Even through the planning process he was so laid back and I was too stressed to even give a lot of direction and he really worked with me and somehow avoided overwhelming me even more! The photos turned out great beautiful and natural. And he’s also just a cool dude that you might want to be friends with after doing photos. Anyways 10/10 recommend this photographer. He’s da bomb.
— Sarah Braziel



I’m not right for everyone, but those for who my work fits, I do an excellent job. My photos are a vivid, almost cinematic document of who you are that you will treasure for years to come.

About Me

MY NAME IS Will Malone

I’m a wedding, portrait, and event photographer who fell in love with photography while growing up on Oahu, Hawaii. I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years, and I’ve travelled all over the world taking photos ever since I started.

Currently, I’m based in the Greenville, SC area with my wife, Anna, and our miniature dachshund, Kevin Bacon Malone.

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No More Print Releases or Murky Copyrights

When you receive your online gallery, you have full rights to do what you wish with your hi-res full-sized images. Will Malone Photography retains the right to use them on social media and on, but since you paid for them, they are as much yours as they are ours!


Photos Ready to Share

In 2019, most people enjoy their photos on their phones and share them to social media. Will Malone Photography helps make that easier by delivering your photos in an online gallery accessible via mobile or desktop where you can access your photos at anytime.

You can also request to receive a categorized wedding gallery on a USB or USB-C thumb drive. Not only that, but we also offer social media formatting where we optimize the crop and colors to look their very best on Instagram or your favorite social network!


Boutique Printing Services

When you get a print with Will Malone Photography you have access to the most modern printing materials and techniques that you will find anywhere today. Our flagship printing service is our ultra-clean, matte, frame-less aluminum prints that float on your wall.

We also offer printing brushed aluminum, matte canvas, and matte photo paper. Each image that you have printed is specially edited and formatted for whatever printing material you choose. You will never see any yellowing or fading of any of our prints; they are made to last.  


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